About Us


“Best Art Studio in PWC 2023”


Edgemoor Art Studio, Inc. was founded by Ruth Johnsen, who saw the need for a place where children of all ages could learn art fundamentals while freely exploring art materials and processes in a relaxed, non-competitive environment.

Inspired by seeing her many students gain in self-confidence, skill level, and creativity in all areas of their lives, she began offering small art classes from her fully-equipped home studio. Due to the amazing success of the studio and an increased attendance, the plans for a new, more spacious location were set in motion. Classes began at the new location in January 2011! Continued support from the very special families enrolled coupled with her strong commitment to building community is what lies at the heart of this studio’s success.


“The place for visual thinkers”

Each lesson and assignment is carefully and thoughtfully prepared to holistically address several skill sets; keeping as a top priority the essential need for children to have many opportunities to question, think, brainstorm ideas, and make art through the creative process. At Edgemoor Art Studio, the role of the teacher is to facilitate and interact with the child while he or she is learning through creating. This is the place where children and teens are able to stretch their imaginations, build special relationships, and take as long as they need to focus on and finish an artwork without feeling rushed. Unlike other art programs which rely on copying, tracing, and filling in outlines to produce predictable results, our emphasis is on the process rather than a product in order to help children develop into independent and creative human beings. Learning techniques and art processes are the tools that the student is able to incorporate into their art-making as an expressive extension of language.


At Edgemoor Art Studio we believe that reading and art go hand-in-hand, so here at Edgemoor, both subjects are taught. Being actively involved in the arts from a very young age is essential in building confidence levels in young readers while broadening vocabulary and increasing in their ability to listen well, synthesize, comprehend, and problem-solve. By incorporating language, science and the arts into weekly  lessons, our students learn to think critically to solve visual art problems. Yes, there’s math in art! One of Edgemoor’s many goals is to empower children and youths to make a difference in their community and in the world.

Homeschooled children and other groups  are most welcomed and are encouraged to inquire about available classes. Please feel free to check out our many class offerings! We welcome children and teens ages three to adult. Age-appropriate, structured classes are available for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle-school, and high school children. Drawing, painting, sculpting and other classes are offered.