Tuition Policies

Tuition is based on a 36-week school year, divided into 10 equal installments. Registration and the first months tuition are due at time of enrollment. If you enroll in September, then the first two month’s tuition are due. A child may register at anytime, and is considered enrolled for the entire remaining school year. Payments are automatically charged on the 25th of each month for the following months tuition regardless whether some months have 2,3,4, or 5 weeks. Planned and Federal holidays listed on our “Schedule” page are already factored into the school-yearly cost of tuition.  There is a one time only, non refundable registration fee in the amount of $25 for all new families. Once you are in our system, there are no additional registration fees and you gain access to our awesome 24/7 Parent Portal! We welcome new students at anytime during the year; first months tuition is due at time of registration.

Tuition Policies

Art Rocks! Summer Camps 2022
Tuition for Art Rocks! Summer Camps & Teen Focus camp prices vary. Our Summer 2022 will be posted in March 2022. We offer sibling discounts! All materials, canvasses, large project items, sketchbook and a daily snack are included in the tuition cost.

Summer Session:
Tuition for Summer Session Art Rocks! camps and classes are due in up front and in full  No refunds for missed classes, or if a student discontinues prior to the end of Summer session.

2021-2022 School year-round classes

*Junior six-week or eight-week short session class fees are due in full at time of registration.

New family registration and the first month’s tuition are due at time of registration. If you enroll in the summer for the school year classes, you pay the first installment at registration, then the next one will be due on September 25th (October). Monthly tuition is charged on the 25th of each month for the following month’s tuition.

After-school and Saturday classes are two hours in duration, and the tuition includes all art materials, a sketchbook for assignments, and a snack!

**There is NO tuition refund for school-year classes missed, and tuition DOES NOT carry from one semester to another.** Please see our enrollment policies on this site and on your registration form.

Registration Fee: $25 for New Families only.

Family Discount: 1st child full price; siblings 10% discount (does also apply to art classes and camps).

Pay in Full Discount: 5% discount for year payment in full. No refunds for early withdrawal.

Late Payment Fee: $25. Tuition is posted on the on the 20th of each month, and you may login to our parent portal to make a payment yourself UP UNTIL the 25th of the month; after which tuition is automatically charged if left unpaid. There is a $5 charge for any card having to be manually processed for any reason.

Refund Policy: All tuition paid to the studio school is non-refundable; make-up classes are available and may be taken at the rate of one per month. We are observing social distancing and mask wearing guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year. We follow updated guidelines from the CDC and State and Local authorities. We ask that you please call us for assistance.

Withdrawal: One month written notice must be received via email, and you will be responsible for one-month tuition at the time of withdrawal as your child’s seat has been specially reserved and materials are pre-purchased. For a list of our studio policies, please click here.